Essential Hairdressing Supplies to Add to Your New Salon

26 August 2019
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When you start your new business, the prospect of owning your own salon is exciting. Before you start welcoming customers through the door, you need to consider the hairdressing supplies you require. Although you may have some experience of working with others, it's a good idea to consider the essentials ahead of your big opening day. A variety of scissors and razors Make sure you vary your scissors and razors to match the different trends customers love today, as well as classic cuts that stand the test of time. Read More 

The 3 Greatest Benefits of the Oxygen Facial

22 July 2019
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There was a time when going for a facial at a spa was a very luxe thing to do, but these days more and more people are finding time for a little bit of self-care as the world of facial treatments opens up to the masses. As the number of different types of facials grows and grows, it can be difficult to actually pick one. A particular type of facial that is burgeoning in popularity is the oxygen facial. Read More 

Wondrous Pros of Exclusively Choosing All Natural Skin Care Products

1 July 2019
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If are looking to eliminate fine lines, get rid of spots or simply restore your youthful, glowing skin, there are a myriad of cosmetic products that you can purchase. However, one thing that all cosmetic shelves in a myriad of beauty aisles have in common is that they are chock-full of products containing artificial ingredients. While these products may work for a while, you should note that they are likely to worsen whatever issue your skin has developed. Read More 

How to Get the Most Out of Beauty School

19 June 2019
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Going to beauty school is a fantastic investment for your future. Each year, more and more people spend more and more money on beauty products, massage, facial treatments and hair styling. With the value of the industry, it's definitely a good idea to get some training behind you in this field if the world of beauty interests you. As with any lucrative industry, there is a lot of competition out there, from expert nail techs to specialist facialists and lots more besides. Read More