Essential Hairdressing Supplies to Add to Your New Salon

26 August 2019
 Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Blog

When you start your new business, the prospect of owning your own salon is exciting. Before you start welcoming customers through the door, you need to consider the hairdressing supplies you require. Although you may have some experience of working with others, it's a good idea to consider the essentials ahead of your big opening day.

A variety of scissors and razors

Make sure you vary your scissors and razors to match the different trends customers love today, as well as classic cuts that stand the test of time. To ensure you don't overspend, avoid buying any equipment you're unlikely to need. For example, some razors are unlikely to be necessary if you're not providing a barbering service. You may find that you can save money by purchasing kits. Always read descriptions carefully to make sure the kit fulfills your requirements.

Protective gear for customers' clothes

Hairdressing is a messy affair and no customer wants to walk away from your salon looking untidy. Choose a selection of gowns and towels that will keep their clothes and neckline hair-free. Make sure you vary the gowns according to customer size and consider their comfort before finalising your purchase. You may want to choose lighter gowns for the summer period to avoid leaving them feeling hot.

Hygiene products for meeting high standards

Your customers expect a high standard of hygiene when they come to your salon. One way to achieve this is to invest in a variety of hygiene products for different areas. Consider what types of sprays, solutions, and cleaning tools you'll require. You may also want to add a selection of gloves to your list and consider including some that are latex-free to protect the safety of customers and staff who have a latex allergy.

Electrical tools for delivering different looks

As the world of hairstyling advances, the electrical tools you buy will change, too. Make sure your hairdressing supplies list features all the essentials, such as straighteners with varying widths and curling wands with different barrel thicknesses. Take a similar approach to any brushes you buy, too. If you're offering services such as blowouts, you'll need a variety of brush thicknesses to help customers with different hair thicknesses get the look they want. 

Over time, you'll need to buy more hairdressing supplies to match your business's needs. As such, you should find a reliable supplier that always stocks high-quality products. Wherever possible, buy your supplies in bulk to save money, but consider using smaller orders to check each item's quality first.