The 3 Greatest Benefits of the Oxygen Facial

22 July 2019
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There was a time when going for a facial at a spa was a very luxe thing to do, but these days more and more people are finding time for a little bit of self-care as the world of facial treatments opens up to the masses. As the number of different types of facials grows and grows, it can be difficult to actually pick one. A particular type of facial that is burgeoning in popularity is the oxygen facial.

If you are unfamiliar with the oxygen facial, it is essentially the topical treatment of oxygen, combined with some kind of facial serum, applied with high pressure to the epidermis of the skin. If you've had facials before with various scrubs and creams, this is something quite different. But what are the actual benefits of having an oxygen facial?

A skin detox.

As you move about your daily life and encounter pollutants such as car fumes, industrial pollution and cigarette smoke, these slowly but surely wreak havoc on the skin. They increase the occurrence of free radicals and can make conditions like acne and rosacea even worse. When you're exposed to pollution, your skin is starved of oxygen, and a highly concentrated oxygen facial could be just what your skin needs so that it gets back on track. Have an oxygen facial regularly, and you'll help to reverse the effects of exposure to nasty pollutants.

Encourages collagen production.

As well as clearing the skin and making it look brighter, oxygen also has anti-ageing properties. As you age, your natural collagen production reduces each year, and it's collagen that makes the skin plump and full of moisture. The injection of oxygen as well as vitamins in the serum help to encourage the production of collagen. This means that you can avoid something like fillers, in which acids are applied via needles, and enjoy something non-invasive like oxygen being applied to the skin.

Great for every skin type.

Some people worry about doing too much to their skin because it can actually make them break out or leave their skin exhausted. The great thing about oxygen is that, of course, everybody genuinely needs it and nobody is going to have an adverse reaction to it. Even when applied to the skin at high pressure and in high concentrations, there are no negative side effects to oxygen exposure. You won't experience redness, inflammation or scarring – just beautifully clear skin.

Now that you know the benefits, will you book an oxygen facial? Reach out to a spa that offers facials to learn more.